Entry #1


2008-03-23 07:38:18 by Mark-Design

Yes! It's done! MSN Dream - My latest flash, is done! It's in the Flash portal now, if you want to watch it! It stars me, my computer, and some imaginary girl. Now, I can get to work on another Flash! Maybe a sequel, where I'm in hospital? I don't know. Give me some ideas! Anyway, at least now that I have finished it, I can get to work on some more movies, maybe a game, but eitherway not all of my flash work is on Newgrounds. ALL of it is on my Flash section on my site. I'm just glad it's done, and so many people like it!

Okay, well thats all I need to say right now. Bye!



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2008-05-03 00:37:22

hey bro, ty for the easer egg, its cool we r the same age and im from wales :P both in the UK lol, neway, awsome game m8


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